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DI Riley passed the 50 follower mark this weekend! There’s too many to tag effectively; have an open starter for all RPers!

It’s approaching the start of a late night in the Yard’s CID office, the building is relatively devoid of law enforcement staff and DI Riley is just finishing up some paperwork he’d been putting off for …reasons. He taps out the last few sentences of a report at his computer, absently reaching for his mug of coffee to take a sip between lines—one has to keep hydrating and caffeinating after such a long day of being a Detective Inspector. Cases don’t write themselves! 

At any rate, he’s just saved the last file to be sent off for his DCI’s approval when he hears a noise at the hallway entrance to the open-plan office space. Was that a knock or a footstep? He turns to glance towards the entrance with a skeptical, yet nonthreatening expression on his face, in case someone shy or scared may need his help. 

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